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Scenographer & Visual Artist


Taciser Sevinc is a scenographer and visual artist living in and working from Utrecht, The Netherlands since 2016. She has been working in Istanbul between 2000 and 2016.

She has 20 years of experience in stage design. Primarily set/décor design as well as costume design, lighting design, puppet and props design are her main activities. Making scale models, maquette and 3D visualisations are her other talents. She also has experience as an interior designer in architecture, and art director in film sector.

Individually, she is working on autonomous, crossover art projects. Her works are focused on scenographic installations, interactive performances, photo-essays and artistic research practices.

Taciser is an expert in creating aesthetic combinations of minimal designs and functional solutions. As a professional designer, she has the coordination and communication skills to lead multiple production teams to deliver complex projects on time and complete.

As a dedicated martial arts instructor, she is experienced in stimulating and motivating her dojo mates for seeking improvement with self-discipline.

taciser sevinc - scenographer & visual artist
Research Document Cover
Artistic Research and Kendo


“As a scenographer and visual artist, I am highly inspired by the martial arts practice of Kendo (Japanese fencing) and its philosophy that is based on Zen Buddhism. Kendo suggests a lifelong pursue of the cultivation of the character in order to become a better person. As a result of that, to make the world a better place with peace, respect, responsibility and awareness… Practising Kendo is quite confronting and challenging. Particularly, on accepting fears, embracing failure, gaining perseverance, endurance and striving for continuous self-improvement.

“I see this way of practising very similar to my artistic research practice. While Kendo is teaching me how to become a better person, the artistic research is teaching me how to become a better artist. One pushes me to discover my own character, the other, my artistic identity. Both are practice based. Therefore, I have to learn from experiences by doing, making, thinking, reading, writing, asking questions and reflecting on them.”

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