THE WALKING GHOST – Prometheus’ Pathway


The Walking Ghost Scenography

Banja Luka Theater Festival 2016

Best Set Design Award

“…for exceptionally remarkable and functional solution of the stage space, and support for the stage movement and creative visual elements.”

The Walking Spirit Scenography

is the result of an excellent collaboration and trust between the designer Taciser Sevinc and the director Aleksandar Popovski. Both of them had different needs but a mutual desire. It is a clear set design that is minimal, functional, practical; but in the meantime, it is symbolizing many things without representing everything.

Dejan Dukovki’s story has many different scenes. But for Sevinc and Popovski, they were all open to interpretation. This gives a space of freedom for the designer. Sevinc chose to design a “scenography as interactive installation”. A house, a church, a forest, a cemetery, death, love and revenge should all find their space in this installation. In a scenography that is neutral but dramaturgically functional…

The success of the Walking Spirit scenography, however, depends on its engagement with the play. This was possible due to the director’s eager collaboration. Popovski accepted, embraced and internalized the design, brought it into relation with performers and used it at its maximum functionality. Aleksandar Popovski gave life to the scenography of Taciser Sevinc.

“The need to do this play came from the need to explain to myself how an individual can function in the world we have created over the last fifteen years.

When I talk about that world, I mean the world that has designated itself capitalist liberalism as the primary ideology, nationalism as state politics, crime and religion as the dominant attitude and view of things. In this world, walks Hamlet, a man who clearly sees fraud. In the 90’s it was quite clear who was a positive and who was a villain. The new century equalized everything, they crossed over to our side, took our speech, our clothes, our behaviour. They became peaceful democrats in wolf skin. Our battlefield narrowed, and we had to look for new fields of action.

This is how the story of a man who moves to fight that system is born. A utopian melodrama about a possible Hamlet who, instead of thinking, works. Instead of doubting, he decides to kill both the King and Queen and all who stand in his way to rid and cleanse this world of injustice. There is injustice, he says, and that’s it. Someone had to clean up.”

Aleksandar Popovski

Writer – Dejan Dukovski

Director – Aleksandar Popovski

Sceography – Taciser Sevinc

Costume – Marina Sremac

Photographers – Aleksandar Ramadanovic, Miomir Polzovic

Serbian National Theatre

Premier – 15.09.2015

Pera Dobrinovic, Novi Sad

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